Q1, 2018

Creation of Bitcoin¹ Project
Establish Bitcoin One Foundation, a not-for-profit, as custodian for the project and owner of the creator wallet address and smart contract.
• Economical model testing and evaluation
Team selection/recruitment
Website/branding/online design
Public launch preparations

Q2, 2018

Official Bitcoin¹ launch timeline confirmation
• Initiate community building project
Launch of All Bitcoin¹ online platforms
Launch of Bitcoin¹ Ecosystem
• Apply to all reputable price chart directories. Eg. CoinLib, etc. in advance of listing launch of BTC1 on various cryptocurrency exchanges

Q3, 2018

• Commence development of Bitcoin¹ Blockchain
• Secure listings on top ranked exchanges
• Begin development of Bitcoin¹ Mobile Wallet and Bitcoin¹ Merchant Platform

Q4, 2018

Mass adoption by vendors globally to accept and send payments for goods and/or services
• Beta testing of Bitcoin¹ Mobile Wallet and Bitcoin¹ Merchant Platform
Establish vendor relationships with early business adopters of BTC1
• Continue development of Bitcoin¹ Blockchain


Launch Bitcoin¹ Mobile Wallet V1.0
Launch Bitcoin¹ Merchant Platform V1.0
Continue developing vendor relationships to expand adoption of Bitcoin¹ Merchant Platform
Secure partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers for Bitcoin¹ Mobile Wallet to be pre-installed on devices
Mass marketing of Bitcoin¹ platforms and ongoing product development
Launch Bitcoin¹ Blockchain. Issue 1:1 ’coins’ to all token holders
• Continue to secure listings on top ranked exchanges