Bitcoin¹ FAQs

Contract address: 0x2151288dfdbd547e071d8c6dc7fe3301235ae87c
Code: BTC1
Decimals: 8
Total supply: 21,000,000
Token type: ERC20 Token

BTC1 like BTC is offered as a store of value and overtime our vision is to gain mass adoption of the BTC1 token as a transactional currency for goods and services worldwide.

Please click on the Exchanges tab for updated info on exchanges that offer trading of BTC1 tokens.

No. The future price of BTC1 will be dictated by market activity (exchange trading levels). We will never make unfounded claims in regards to token value.

The philosophy behind the branding is simple: the intended use for BTC1 token holds true to the same principals as Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin. So we felt it fitting to deviate from the original bitcoin branding as little as possible. Although we realize this to be a controversial decision and we will not be short of Bitcoin fundamentalists in opposition to BTC1, but ultimately we are operating in an open source market and we have not violated any rights. Competition drives innovation and a name alone can do nothing to gain success.