Bitcoin¹ Ecosystem

A first insight into the BITCOIN¹ ECOSYSTEM™!

The intended purpose of the Bitcoin¹ Ecosystem™ – which is in its early stages of development and promises to be the first of its kind in the blockchain industry – is to provide a port of call and an exciting opportunity for promising cryptocurrency/blockchain startups to be integrated into, and supported by Bitcoin One Foundation, including funding, advisory and technical support.

A substantial portion of Bitcoin One Foundation funds and BTC1 tokens will be retained for future release into the Bitcoin¹ Ecosystem™ programs and partnerships.

To register your project or startup on the Bitcoin¹ Ecosystem™ please contact us at

Development for the first Bitcoin One Foundation sponsored project is already under way…

Talent Token

Talent Token (TTX) will offer a worldwide, public immutable platform for attracting global recognition for performing artists from any given genre.

For the first time, original expression of an array of art forms, be it singing, dancing, musical instrument performance, drawing/art, design, acting, poetry and more, will be made available for all the world to see and support. The more support gained through the Talent Token platform, the higher the rewards of TTX tokens, contributing towards funding, management and promotion for artists.

All aspects of user interaction including but not limited to the number of views, watch-time, likes, dislikes, shares, comments, voting , donations, follows, etc will constantly update ranks and rewards on an open source public ledger, providing precise statistical feedback that will serve to determine what type of directional support each artist requires in order to advance their popularity and success in what we see as becoming a unique independent source of verified opinion in the world of arts and performance.

Check back here for regular progress reports on Talent Token.

Project name:Talent Token (TTX)
Project description:Blockchain meets the entertainment industry
Launch date:Q3, 2018
Total supply:500,000,000
Method of distribution:Airdrop/Rewards
Blockchain record: